Explaining the role and characteristics of Nagajun undergarment! -Items necessary for dressing Part 1-

One of the items necessary when wearing a kimono is the Nagajun undergarment.

This time, what is Nagajuban undergarment used for? We will explain the characteristics and roles!


A long undergarment is essential when wearing a kimono! Let’s take a look at what role they play!

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What is Nagajuban undergarment?

Nagajuban undergarment is an inner layer that is worn under the kimono.
Since the kimono does not touch the skin, it helps prevent the kimono from getting dirty, protects it from the cold, and prevents it from being exposed too much. There are other roles.

They are generally made of thin material that is breathable and comfortable to wear.

There is an undergarment called ”hadajuban” that is worn underneath when wearing a long undergarment. For more information about Hada-undergarment, please see below!

Characteristics and types of Nagajuban undergarments

  1. About sleeve length and hem: The sleeves are long, almost the same length as kimono sleeves. The long sleeves give a beautiful impression even when glimpsed through the cuffs of the kimono. The hem is longer than the hem of a kimono or yukata, reaching almost the ankle. This length prevents the hem of the kimono from rolling up and makes the kimono look more beautiful.
  2. raw materials: Breathability is important for Nagajun undergarments, so thin and cool materials are generally used. Typical materials include:
    • cotton:It has high moisture absorption and good breathability, making it suitable for summer.
    • hemp:Like cotton, it has good breathability and a smooth texture.
    • silk:It has a smooth texture and is both cool and elegant.
    • polyester:Compared to the three materials above, it is characterized by the fact that it is often cheaper and can be washed in the washing machine. However, polyester also has the disadvantage of being prone to static electricity.
  3. design: Traditional designs often feature subtle patterns or embroidery on a white background. This is because ”nagajuban undergarments are underwear,” so they often have plain designs. However, recently there has been an increase in the number of Nagajun undergarments with stylish and colorful patterns and unique designs.
  4. Collar and cuff design: The collar and cuffs may be decorated with embroidery or lace. This gives a stylish impression even when it is glimpsed through the collar or sleeves of the kimono.
  5. adjustable laces or ties: Nagajuban undergarments usually have strings or ties in the front to make them fit better to the body. This allows you to make fine adjustments to the size and when dressing.
  6. Compatibility with kimono: Nagajuban undergarment is worn under the kimono, so its compatibility with the kimono is important. By choosing a long jacket that matches the color and pattern of your kimono, the overall coordination will be more beautiful and harmonious.

Polyester undergarments are inexpensive and machine washable, so they are recommended for beginners!

By the way, don’t wear a long undergarment under a yukata!

The role of Nagajuban undergarment

  1. protect the skin: Nagajuban undergarment is a type of underwear worn under a kimono or yukata, and the material of the kimono is usually thin. Therefore, if your skin comes into direct contact with a kimono or yukata, friction and irritation may occur, but wearing a nagajun undergarment protects your skin. Especially for those with sensitive skin or when wearing a kimono for long periods of time, wearing a nagajun undergarment is important for comfort.
  2. Prevents underwear from showing through: Many kimonos and yukatas are made of thin material, and underwear may show through, especially with white or light-colored kimonos. Nagajun undergarments cover the skin, reducing the sense of transparency and preventing underwear from showing through.
  3. Make your kimono look beautiful: The Nagajuban undergarment adjusts the silhouette of the kimono and makes it look beautiful. Kimono has a delicate beauty that takes advantage of the material and transparency, so wearing a Nagajun undergarment can bring out its beauty.
  4. Provide comfort depending on the season: The material used for Nagajun undergarments is generally breathable, providing comfort depending on the season. By choosing something thin and breathable in the summer, and something a little thicker and warmer in the winter, you can stay comfortable even when wearing a kimono.
  5. Improve the quality of your outfit: Kimono culture expresses Japan’s traditional aesthetic sense, and dignity and elegance are required when wearing a kimono. By wearing a long undergarment, you can make your kimono look more formal and create a more formal look.