The charm of Japanese umbrellas(WAGASA) and how to choose them

Japanese umbrellas are elegant items that symbolize Japan’s beautiful traditional culture.

Due to their excellent design, quality of handcrafted art, and versatile usage, Japanese umbrellas have become an indispensable part of the Japanese landscape and Japanese fashion.

On this page, we will explain in detail the charm of Japanese umbrellas and how to use them! .


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History and aesthetics of Japanese umbrellas

Japanese umbrellas are important icons rooted in Japanese history and culture.
Their origins date back to the Nara period, and from the Heian period to the Edo period, Japanese umbrellas were magnificently decorated with extravagant decorations and elaborate colors.

Even in recent years, Japanese umbrellas have inherited traditional craftsmanship and aesthetics, but there are many modern designs that match modern fashion.

Various ways to use Japanese umbrellas

Japanese umbrellas are not only suitable for both rain and shine, but also for everyday fashion and special events.
It protects your skin from the sun on sunny days and from raindrops on rainy days. Also, the combination with kimono or Japanese clothes is perfect for creating an elegant Japanese style.

Japanese umbrellas make a wonderful addition to weddings, festivals, photo shoots, cherry blossom viewing, and even everyday outings.

Features of Japanese umbrellas in our shop

Our shop offers Japanese umbrellas that take pride in Japanese tradition and craftsmanship.
A wide range of styles and designs, high-quality materials and hand-crafted products create a special experience for our customers. Japanese umbrellas will help bring Japanese beauty and elegance to customers around the world.

Through this page, we will delve deeper into the appeal of Japanese umbrellas and provide valuable information on how to use and choose one. We hope you will experience Japanese umbrellas and enjoy traditional Japanese culture.


There are many Japanese umbrellas with modern designs that match modern fashion, so we recommend them!

Types and designs of Japanese umbrellas

1. Types of traditional Japanese umbrellas

There are various types of traditional Japanese umbrellas depending on their purpose. Below, we will explain in detail the typical types of Japanese umbrellas.

– Japanese umbrella for both rain and shine: A Japanese umbrella that can be used for both rain and shine is a versatile umbrella that can be used in accordance with Japan’s four seasons. It protects your skin from UV rays on sunny days and from raindrops on rainy days.

Generally, Japanese paper is used for the inside, and beautiful patterns and colors are applied to the outside. Japanese umbrellas that can be used for both rain and shine are popular for everyday outings and as fashion accessories.

– sunshade: sunshade are mainly used to protect your skin from UV rays. It is especially useful during the Japanese summer season and at outdoor events. sunshade usually come in bright, beautiful colors and designs, giving you a sophisticated look. There are also compact sunshade that can be folded, making them convenient to carry.

– umbrella: Umbrellas are items that provide great protection during rainy weather. Japanese umbrellas combine traditional Japanese beauty and functionality. They are usually made of Japanese paper or cloth and feature beautiful Japanese patterns, landscapes, and designs of flowers and birds. Umbrellas are a great option for adding style to your rainy day outing.

2. Information about unique Japanese umbrella designs and patterns

There are many variations in the design and pattern of Japanese umbrellas. These designs and patterns are inspired by Japanese culture, nature, and traditional patterns. Below is information about common Japanese umbrella designs and patterns.

  • Japanese pattern: Traditional Japanese umbrellas often feature Japanese patterns such as cherry blossoms, pine, bamboo, peonies, carp, cranes, and dragons. These motifs symbolize Japanese culture and scenery and are loved as beautiful symbols.
  • scenery: The handles of Japanese umbrellas often depict beautiful scenery from each season. Japanese landscapes such as cherry blossom viewing, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery are expressed on Japanese umbrellas, allowing you to enjoy the sense of the season.
  • flowers and birds: Flower and bird designs are often seen on the handles of Japanese umbrellas, expressing the beauty of nature and the changing seasons. Plum blossoms, chrysanthemums, cranes, and phoenixes are often used.
  • abstract art design: In recent years, the number of Japanese umbrellas with abstract art designs and modern patterns has increased, allowing you to enjoy a unique style.

3. Explanation about the materials of Japanese umbrellas

The beauty and durability of Japanese umbrellas are greatly influenced by the materials used. Below is an explanation of common Japanese umbrella materials.

  • Japanese paper: Traditionally, Japanese paper is used to cover Japanese umbrellas. Washi paper is lightweight and transparent, allowing for beautiful light production. However, it is sensitive to moisture, so you need to be careful on rainy days.
  • bamboo and wood: Bamboo and wood are commonly used for the framework of Japanese umbrellas. These materials are lightweight, durable, and help the Japanese umbrella maintain its shape.
  • cloth: Umbrellas and parasol covers are sometimes made of fabric, which helps shed rain. Fabric has a high degree of freedom in design and is suitable for creating colorful and beautiful Japanese umbrellas.
  • Other materials: In recent years, new materials have also been used to make Japanese umbrellas, making them both lightweight and durable. Some Japanese umbrellas are also made with a combination of synthetic materials.

By understanding these factors and considering them when choosing the right Japanese umbrella for you, you will be able to enjoy a more enjoyable Japanese umbrella experience.

Coordinating Japanese umbrellas and kimono

Coordinating Japanese umbrellas and kimono is a great opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese fashion style. Below, we will provide advice on the compatibility of Japanese umbrellas and kimonos, suggestions for fashion styles that incorporate Japanese umbrellas, and detailed explanations of image photos and styling ideas.

Advice on the compatibility of Japanese umbrellas and kimonos

  • Harmony of colors and patterns: It is important to match the colors and patterns of the Japanese umbrella and kimono. By combining Japanese umbrellas and kimonos with similar colors and themes, you can create beautiful coordination.
  • Choices that suit the season: It is best to choose a kimono and Japanese umbrella according to the season. Pair it with a Japanese umbrella with a cherry blossom pattern in the spring, or choose a cool parasol in the summer.
  • Use of accessories: You can enhance the harmony with the Japanese umbrella by using obi, obidome, sandals, and Japanese accessories. Pay attention to the overall balance.

Proposals for fashion styles that incorporate Japanese umbrellas

  1. casual daily style: Incorporate Japanese umbrellas into your daily fashion. It goes well with a casual kimono or yukata, and can be used when walking around the city or taking a break at a cafe.
  2. formal kimono style: For special events and celebrations, pair a luxurious Japanese umbrella with a formal kimono. This style is perfect for formal occasions.
  3. outdoor event style: For outdoor events such as picnics and festivals, a casual kimono or yukata and a Japanese umbrella for rain or shine are useful. A comfortable and stylish choice.

Image photos and styling ideas

  • Season of cherry blossoms: During the spring cherry blossom season, pair a Japanese umbrella with a cherry blossom pattern with a pink kimono and go out to see the cherry blossoms. The sight of walking under the cherry blossom trees while holding a Japanese umbrella is beautiful.
  • Summer festival: For summer festivals, wear a cool yukata with a colorful Japanese umbrella and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the festival. By incorporating a Japanese umbrella pattern into the obi, you can create a sense of unity.
  • wedding: For your wedding, create a unique wedding by pairing it with a Japanese-style wedding dress, which is a little different than a wedding dress, and a Japanese umbrella. It’s also great for styling for photo shoots.

Japanese umbrellas and kimonos are a great way to experience Japan’s beautiful traditions and culture. Enjoy the charm of Japan by incorporating Japanese umbrellas to suit your style and event.