The appeal of obimakura, a must-have item for kimono fashion that pursues beauty and comfort

The joy of kimono fashion is not only its delicate design and beautiful colors, but also the confidence and comfort that comfortable clothing brings.

Among these, the obi pillow is known as an indispensable item for wearing an obi comfortably. In this article, we will focus on the charm and use of obimakura, and explore why many kimono lovers consider it indispensable.

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What is Obimakura? Is it necessary for dressing?

Obi pillows are props used in traditional kimono dressing to securely secure the obi, make the kimono more beautiful, and at the same time make it more comfortable.

Despite its simple appearance, the effect is to enhance the beauty of the kimono.

Role of obi pillow:

  1. Fixing the band: The main role of the obi pillow is to securely fix the obi. The obi is a very important accent in kimono attire, but if it is misplaced, the overall balance will be disrupted. The obi pillow firmly holds the obi and keeps it in a stable position all day long.
  2. comfortable outfit: When wearing a kimono for a long time, the obi may cause a feeling of pressure and discomfort, but obi pillows reduce this discomfort. By holding the obi properly, you will be able to wear the kimono comfortably.

Features of obi pillow:

  1. simple design: Obi pillows generally have a simple design, so they won’t look out of place with your kimono attire. Therefore, it does not look too flashy and is easy to match with various kimono styles.
  2. Fasteners and adjustment features: Many obi pillows have clasps and adjustments that allow them to be adjusted to suit your individual body shape and kimono style. This allows users to get the best fit for them.

Obimakura is a reliable item that makes kimono fashion more sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. The effect behind its simple appearance has made it an indispensable item for kimono lovers, and it brings out the beauty of the kimono.

Reason for using obi pillow: To prevent obi from slipping.

One of the important reasons why obi pillows help you enjoy kimono fashion is to prevent the obi from slipping.

Problems with the slippage of the obi: When wearing a kimono, the slippage of the obi can cause various inconveniences. For example, if the obi gradually loosens while walking, the overall balance of the kimono will be disturbed and the beautiful silhouette will be lost. Similarly, when you sit down or stand up, if the obi is not placed in the correct position, the kimono becomes disordered and your outfit becomes unstable.

Role of obi pillow: As the name suggests, obi pillows play the role of firmly fixing the obi. The obi is less likely to shift when walking, sitting, or standing, improving the stability of the entire kimono. This allows you to enjoy kimono fashion without worrying about the position of your obi all day long.

Advantages when walking: The obi pillow firmly holds the obi, making the obi’s position stable even while walking. This eliminates the worry that the belt will loosen every time you walk, allowing you to walk with grace and stability. In addition, you can keep your kimono beautiful and undisturbed when you go out or go to an event.

Adaptation to movements such as sitting and standing: It is especially important that the obi does not shift when sitting down or standing up. By securely fixing the obi with the obi pillow, the position of the obi will be stable even during these daily activities, and the kimono will not be disturbed. This is a great advantage when wearing a kimono on a daily basis.

Advantages of obi pillows: stability and comfort

stability and comfort: The biggest advantage of obi pillows is that they securely hold the obi and provide a sense of stability when wearing the kimono. By firmly fixing the obi, the obi will not slip easily when walking, sitting, or standing. This stability allows you to stay comfortable all day long, and is a great advantage when enjoying kimono fashion.

beauty of silhouette: The obi pillow securely holds the obi, keeping the silhouette of the kimono beautiful. By keeping the obi in place, the lines of the kimono stand out accurately, giving an elegant and well-organized impression. This beautiful silhouette will make you look great, especially during photo shoots and special events.

Impact on photography: Beautiful clothing and good posture are extremely important when taking photos. Due to the stability provided by the obi pillow, the obi will not shift even during photo shoots, and the beautiful form of the entire kimono will be maintained. This makes the moment you capture beautiful and brings out the charm of the kimono even more.

Improve your impression at special events: The beauty of the kimono is especially sought after for important occasions such as special events and celebrations. The obi pillow keeps the obi in place and maintains a beautiful silhouette, giving the kimono a special impression. Obimakura is especially essential for formal seats and events that require a precise silhouette.


Obi pillows are essential items for enjoying kimono fashion more beautifully and comfortably. The reason for its use is that it prevents the obi from slipping, allowing you to enjoy your kimono with peace of mind all day long. Providing stability and comfort, obi pillows maintain the beautiful silhouette of your kimono and greatly improve your impression during photo shoots and special events.

In the pursuit of beauty and comfort, obi pillows bring out confidence and expressiveness, improving ease of daily movement. The enjoyment that kimono fashion offers is further deepened, and the comfort provided by obi pillows has become an attractive part of kimono lovers.

Contrary to its simple appearance, the obi pillow has a great effect and can be said to be an indispensable part of wearing a kimono. If you pursue beauty and comfort at the same time and enjoy kimono fashion with confidence, the Obimakura will be your reliable companion. Especially when wearing a kimono on a special day or event, the obi pillow has special value. Kimono fashion, supported by its comfort and stability, adds calm and elegance to your daily life.


An obi pillow is essential when attaching an obi firmly!