The charm of obijime and how to use it correctly|How to create a beautiful kimono style

The obijime is an item that makes kimono fashion more glamorous.

In this article, we will explain in detail the basics of obijime, its charm, and the correct way to use it. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful kimono style by skillfully incorporating the obijime.

What is obijime?

Obijime is a type of obijime used to tighten the obi of kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. Its main role is to firmly secure the obi and tighten the overall look of the kimono. The basic features and functions of obijime are detailed below.

  • Diversity in design: Obijime comes in a variety of designs, ranging from traditional patterns to modern art designs and ones tailored to the seasons. This allows you to add an accent to your kimono style and create a unique coordination.
  • Material choices: Obijime is made from a variety of materials, with silk, metal, and resin being common. Depending on the material you choose, you can create an elegant and glamorous atmosphere. The texture of the material also affects the impression of the kimono.
  • The role of enhancing the look of the obi: The obijime is located in the conspicuous obi part of the kimono and is an important point in the overall outfit. Depending on the design and material you choose, you can enhance the overall impression of the kimono and accentuate your coordination.
  • sense of stability: Obi-jime fastens the obi tightly, making it difficult for the obi to slip when walking or sitting. This sense of stability maintains the beauty of the kimono and provides a comfortable look.

Purposes and benefits of using obijime

Stability of the belt: The main function of the obijime is to securely secure the obi and provide stability to the kimono. This stability ensures that the belt stays in place during everyday walking, sitting, or long periods of standing during special events. By keeping the obi stable, you can maintain the beauty of your kimono all day long and feel comfortable wearing it.

Role as an accent: The obijime is not only a fastener, but also accentuates the overall coordination of the kimono with its rich designs and colors. Various patterns, materials, and seasonal designs are expressed on the obijime, creating a unique and gorgeous impression to the kimono. The design and color of the obijime you choose is a way to express your unique personality in your kimono style.

The purpose of the obijime is more than just a functional fastener, it is to enhance the appeal of the kimono as a fashion item and add an accent to your outfit. Therefore, by choosing and using the obijime carefully, you will be able to enjoy kimono fashion even more.

The charm of obijime

various designs: One of the charms of obijime is its variety of designs. You can enjoy a variety of variations, from traditional patterns to modern art designs. This allows you to add a new accent to your outfit by choosing the obijime that matches the mood of the kimono and the occasion. By incorporating different designs depending on the season or event, you can expand the variety of kimono fashion and enjoy a richer style.

Material choices: Obijime is made of various materials, and the impression varies greatly depending on the material. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, including silk, metal, and resin. Silk obijime gives off a classy and elegant atmosphere, while metal ones give a modern and sharp impression. On the other hand, the obijime made of resin material creates a casual and light impression. You can enjoy choosing the obijime that takes advantage of the characteristics of the material to match the kimono style and occasion.

The charm of obijime is its versatility and freedom. By combining designs and materials, you can freely change the impression of your kimono, making your daily attire more fun and colorful.

Correct way to use obijime

Harmony with obi: In order to use the obijime effectively, it is important that its design harmonizes with the pattern and color of the kimono. When it comes to coordination, the beautiful balance of the obijime, obi, and kimono brings out its charm. By choosing a obijime design that is neither too flashy nor too plain, you can maintain a sense of unity while adding just the right amount of accent to your overall coordination. If you have belts made of different materials or designs, you can enjoy a wide variety of styles by using them depending on the kimono you are wearing.

Tips on how to fasten: Correctly fastening and adjusting the position of the obijime is the key to creating a comfortable and beautiful kimono style. When fastening, pay attention to the following points.

  • Adjusting the position: The obijime is fastened along the entire length of the obi, but if it is tied too high or too low, the overall balance of the kimono will be lost. Adjust the obijime position appropriately while considering the harmony with the obi.
  • Fastening steps: There are various ways to fasten the obijime, but generally a fastener is used to securely fasten it. When fastening, adjust the fasteners so that the band is stable and be careful not to loosen or shift. Accurate fastening is especially important when worn for long periods of time.

By mastering the correct way to use the obijime, you can make your kimono look even more appealing and achieve a comfortable and beautiful look.


It’s important to try it out and find the style that suits you best, so you can get used to how to fasten it and adjust its position!