Incorporate a waist strap as an accent to your Japanese clothing! Stylish ways to enhance the beauty of Japan

The appeal of Japanese clothing lies not only in its unique design and materials, but also in the way accessories are used.

Waist strings play an important role as an accent to Japanese clothing. In this article, we will focus on the charm of waist cords and how to use them correctly, and introduce stylish styling that brings out Japanese beauty.


A waist strap is essential when wearing a kimono!

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Basic knowledge of waist straps

Waist straps are essential items for wearing kimonos and undergarments. First, we will explain basic knowledge such as “What is a waist strap?” and “What designs and types are there?”

shape and design

Waist cords are important accessories that are essential to Japanese attire. Its basic shape is a long and narrow belt, and it is generally used to tighten the obi and tighten the outfit when wearing a kimono or yukata. In terms of shape, there are some that are thin, some that are wide, and some that allow you to adjust the tightness, and these differences have an impact on your styling.

Type of material

There are a variety of choices for waist strap materials. In addition to traditional silk and cotton, modern fabrics include polyester and other synthetic fibers. The texture and luster vary depending on the material, so the key is to choose one that suits the season and occasion. It is also a good idea to consider the flexibility and durability of the material.

Design features

There are a wide variety of waist strap designs. They range from traditional patterns and prints to modern and sophisticated designs. In particular, there are a wide variety of designs tailored to seasons and occasions, and each waist strap has its own meaning and symbolism. By choosing the right design and understanding its meaning, you can add depth to your outfit.

Styling other than kimono or yukata

Waist strings are used not only with kimonos and yukata, but also with a variety of Japanese clothing, such as tomesode and plain colored ones. In addition, styling that incorporates waist straps into Western clothing has recently been attracting attention. Even with these different styles, you can enjoy a unique and attractive fashion by being creative in how you choose and tie your waist straps.

How to tie the waist cord/types of knots


“Shinmusubi” is the most common knotting method, and it has the effect of tightening the obi tightly and tightening the kimono or yukata. Suitable for formal wear such as formal occasions and ceremonial occasions. “Shinmusubi” is a styling method that you should remember as a basic knot.


“Mizubikimusubi” is a style that uses decorative strings called mizuhiki to fasten the waistband. It gives a traditional and formal impression and is often used especially during New Year’s Day and other celebrations. Depending on the material and color of Mizubiki, it is possible to arrange it to suit the season or event.


“Kawarimusubi” is recommended for those looking for unique and individual styling. By adding an arrangement to the normal obi tying method, you can create a gorgeous and stylish impression. You can enjoy coordinating unique Japanese clothing by putting some effort into tying the knots.

Types of waist straps depending on design

There are various types of waist straps, from simple ones to flashy ones. When wearing a kimono, there are roughly determined types and patterns that are suitable for each occasion, but when wearing it for everyday wear or a yukata, you don’t need to be that conscious.


The waist strap isn’t really visible, so you don’t really have to worry about the pattern!

Kinran koshihimo

“Kinran koshihimo” is a waist strap that features a luxurious design using gold and silver leaf. It is an item suitable for formal occasions, ceremonial occasions, and heavy attire, creating a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere.

Kotengara koshihimo

“Kotengara koshihimo” is a design with traditional patterns and patterns. These patterns change according to seasons and events, and are useful as accents to Japanese clothing. While it is classic, it also matches modern styling.

casual koshihimo

“Casual koshihimo” is characterized by a design that is easy to match with casual wear. The colorful colors and simple design make it perfect for a yukata or casual Japanese style. This is one of the waist straps that you can easily enjoy.