A thorough explanation of the appeal and styling techniques of layered collars and attached collars!

Layered collars and attached collars are essential accessories for stylish Japanese attire. These elegant accessories add a deep elegance to kimono fashion and highlight its beauty and historical background.

1.1 A gorgeous piece of traditional Japanese accessories Layered collars and attached collars are particularly important accents in Japanese clothing. Its elegant design and unique style add color to traditional kimono culture and enhance the charm of Japanese clothing. The accessories, which are inspired by traditional Japanese sewing techniques and aesthetic sense, symbolize the fusion of delicate craftsmanship and beauty.

1.2 Historical background and inherited beauty traditions: The history of layered collars and attached collars is deeply connected to Japanese kimono culture. These accessories have been used by a wide range of people, from the upper echelons of society such as aristocrats and samurai to ordinary people. Although they have changed over the course of history, they still preserve their beauty and tradition and are creating new breath in kimono fashion.

1.3 Arrangement and evolution of modern stacked collars and attached collars: Even in modern times, the designs of stacked collars and attached collars have evolved and been arranged, showing new styling possibilities. Incorporating modern aesthetics into tradition, it is attracting attention as an elegant accessory that matches a variety of styles. These accessories perfectly combine classic beauty with modern sophistication.


In this article, we will focus on the elegant world created by layered collars and attached collars, and unravel their beauty and historical background. Let’s explore the chic charm of Japanese clothing, where traditional passion and modern approaches intertwine!

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Basic knowledge about layered collars and attached collars

Differences and characteristics between layered collars and attached collars

  • layered collar

A stacked collar is a collar decoration added to the collar of a kimono, and is characterized by a beautiful design that brings out the collar of the kimono. It is usually attached to the inside of the collar of a kimono, giving it the appearance of layered collars. Layered collars are mainly used for formal occasions and ceremonial occasions, and you can enjoy different expressions depending on the type and material.

  • Tsuke Eri

The tsuke eri is attached to the collar of the kimono, which is visible from the outside, and serves a decorative role. It is easier to wear than a layered collar, and is easy to incorporate into casual wear. Tsuke eri has various expressions depending on the design, pattern, and material, and can be used depending on the season and occasion.

History and Evolution – Historical changes of lapped collars and attached Tsuke eri

Layered collars and tsuke eri have been around since the Nara period, and were heavily used by the upper echelons of society, such as aristocrats and samurai. Throughout history, its shape and design have changed and been influenced by various historical backgrounds and cultures. While tracing the historical evolution of these accessories, we will explore the origin of their beauty.

  • modern arrangement

Even in modern times, layered collars and tsuke eri have evolved, and new styles and designs have been created. While valuing traditional elements, they are arranged to suit the modern fashion scene and are loved by a wide range of people. Through the process of its evolution, we will focus on the role and presence that the layered collar/tsuke eri plays in kimono fashion.

Layered collars and tsuke eri not only come in traditional patterns and designs, but also come in many variations with modern approaches. These types and designs can be selected depending on their compatibility with the kimono and the occasion, and each has its own unique beauty.

How to choose according to your face shape and hairstyle – Choose a layered collar/tsuke eri design according to your face shape

You need to be careful about the design of the stacked collar and tsuke eri, which should be selected depending on your face shape. Please refer to the following points.

  • Round face: If you have a round face, a longer design or a V-shaped collar will help tighten up your face.
  • Long face: Long face shapes are best suited for voluminous designs such as ruffles and floral prints.
  • Inverted triangle face: If you have an inverted triangle shape, we recommend a design that makes your neck look neat or a simple collar.

How to choose a design that matches your hairstyle

Harmony with your hairstyle is also an important point. Consider the advice below.

  • Updo: Updos look great with designs that make your neck look gorgeous, and layered collars that make your back look beautiful.
  • Down hair: If you have down hair, a design that accentuates the front or a collar that makes your face look beautiful are stylish.

How to choose materials according to the season

Selection of materials with emphasis on harmony with the kimono and sense of the season

It is important to choose the material for the layered collar and tsuke eri, taking into consideration the harmony with the kimono and the sense of the season.

  • Summer: Light and breathable materials such as silk and cotton are suitable. We recommend using light colors and designs that give a refreshing feel.
  • Winter: Heat-retaining materials such as wool and wool are suitable. The dark colors and warm designs bring out the seasonal feel.

Explanation of how to choose each material

The points to consider when selecting a material vary depending on the characteristics of each material.

  • Silk: It has an elegant luster and gives a formal impression, but it must be handled with care.
  • Cotton: Light and breathable, suitable for summer, but keep in mind that it wrinkles easily.
  • Polyester: Easy to care for and wrinkle resistant, but slightly less breathable than natural materials.

We take a closer look at the elegant charm and styling techniques of layered collars and tsuke eri. Tsuke eri, an accessory of Japanese clothing, is an essential part of kimono fashion due to its beautiful design and historical background.